Friday, December 14, 2012

Balloon Fest Crash!

An ill timed gust of wind can spell instant Disaster by causing the craft to come crashing down in Flames into the Crowd. Worse even is the entire Payload of explosive Fireworks blasting full force into the spectators. Most years claim a Life, the Deadliest 2001 claimed Seven. Dangerous, but it's a Blast!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Bagan: Planet of 4000 Pagodas!

Click on Pic to enlarge The result of a Building Frenzy that began in the mid 1100's, following conversion to Theravada Buddhism. This lasted for roughly 200 years under a succession of rulers disposing of a steady and willing supply of skilled "Crafts People". Covering an area of 25 sq. miles, the sheer scale of the temple ruins is mind blowing and Beautiful! Droool... Feels like a gigantic abandoned Hollywood film set...CINEMASCOPE... Perched as I am high on a temple ledge I have the spectacle of Sunset all to myself, aaaaahhh... That is until that fast approaching dust cloud reveals itself to be a Tourist bus packed to the gills!