Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thai Tintin

The Pirated Tintin book that appeared in Thailand about a decade ago and got its creators in a tight spot,due the characters having sexual intercourse
throughout...Capt. Haddock with some Bangkok Bargirls and Tintin finally consuming his relationship with "Tchang" from the album "the Blue Lotus" and Tintin In Tibet".

A much rarer pirated
Tintin appeared in Turkey in the early 60's when the live action film "The golden Fleece" was being shot in Istanbul.
Although extremely difficult to find ,the T- shirt depiction of the cover is easily picked up in the old Bazar.

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1 comment:

anonymous Bosch said...

Man, I'd cornhole Struppi/Snowy/Milou and the Captain at once to own a copy of that.
Aw hell, I'd cornhole Milou just to say I'd done it.

Was this a sequel to "Tin Tin Does Dallas"?