Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Changing Geographical Perspective for a short bit.
"Casos Reales" -I used to be addicted to these Mexican Photo-novellas, buying them on a weekly basis! I don't think they come out anymore at least I haven't seen them in a while. Anyway here are some covers+random Pin-ups and partial stories...enjoy!
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JESCIE said...

.i remember seeing these in mexico.not sure i miss them but they were fun then.much more fun than reading la santa biblia.

Mats!? said...

I guess they've given way to some sort of reality TV? They really helped me with my understanding of spanish though.

jmontero said...


I'm a great spanish fan of these photo novels.
My intention is to exchange Mexican photo romans, like REAL CASES and similar ones, for other European ones that I have, all in digital format (CBR, CBZ, PDF, etc)
I await your news.
Best regards