Sunday, May 11, 2014

TV Blob

Women worshippers prohibited from getting close to or applying Gold Leaf onto the Golden Blob worship in front of a Closed circuit TV.


vollsticks said...

Big fan of your work, even though I've only seen it in dribs n' drabs. I absolutely loved your stuff in Hotwire, gorgeously depraved, just like that AMAZING comic you did for Danny Hellman's Legal Action Comics Vol. 1, that was brilliant. Great spin on a well-used idea (that wasn't a "diss"!), I'd love to see you doing more stuff with "classic" panel layouts. But I dig all your stuff, bought Asiaddict a few years ago when Dylan Williams was still alive. I never met the guy, I'm in the UK, but he always usedta write little notes on the invoices that would end with something like: "you rock!" or whatever, I would have loved to meet him and talk comics, even though I never met him you could tell he bled passion for comics of all stripes.
Anyway, Mats?!, "you rock!"
PS I also thought the comic you did in TCJ (this is YEARS ago), "The Haunted Comic Shop" with Gary Arlington talking about Jim....forgotten his last name, he's one of the UG artists I don't know much about--"Dark Prince of Comix"?--was wicked, great last panel!

vollsticks said...

PS--The "You Ruined My Wife!!!" Real Stuff cover is amazing and i would by it in a flash if I wasn't mired in poverty. Maybe I'm exaggerating but I am poor as shit. I wish you'd drawn the story even though Leslie Sternbergh did great job. Didja do any interior comix for Real Stuff? I have about half of the "floppies", not seen any of your comix....that Dennis Eichorn was a bit inconsistent when it came to interior cartoonists, seems to me they'd either be fucking amazing or totally crap with nothing in between!
Anyway, all the best to you sir, gonna check out your shop--didn't realise you had a website, I'll stop bothering you, know! You're an amazing cartoonist!

Mats!? said...

Thanks Man! I can't believe it's taken me so long to notice someone commented on my Post! That website is "spotty" at best!